Transparent Staining Color


Provide quick identification on a variety of component parts. These stains repel oils as they adhere without flaking and scaling.

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Staining Colors Transparent.

  • Permanently identify parts, inventory, and work in process, tools, assemblies or finished goods.
  • Great for color coding springs or small parts.
  • Ideal for quality control processes.
  • Stains work well in EFD spray marking systems.
  • Stains resist most work related materials such as oils, moisture, greases, cutting fluids and more.
  • Applies easily by spraying, brushing, stamping or dipping.
  • Perform best on light tinted or polished metals.
  • Stains will not separate or settle.
  • Thickness/Drying time can be reduced by adding Dykem® Remover&Prep.
  • Available in 3 colors – Black, Dark Blue, Red.
  • Do not contain any reportable amounts of Xylene.
  • Removable with Dykem® Remover & Prep.

Physical properties:
Appearance: Varies
Odor: Alcohol
Specific gravity: <1
VOC level: 87% - 94% by weight
Flash point: 53°F
Dry Time*: <2 minutes
* Note: Exact drying time may vary depending on film thickness.

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