Cramolin Top-pin

TOP-PIN has been especially developed for preserving precious metal contacts.

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Product description
TOP-PIN has been especially developed for preserving precious metal contacts. It gently cleans, lubricates and protects the micro-thin surfaces of contacts and connectors. The high-quality, completely synthetic, active agents and inhibitors show remarkable lubricating and anti-corrosion properties, thus preventing abrasion and damaging of delicate, precious metal layers and ruling out any corrosion of supporting base metals.

TOP-PIN is recommended for PCB gold fingers, computer interface connectors and guarantees a long-lasting preservation of operational reliability for contacts and connectors of all types. The use of TOP-PIN is particularly recommended in high quality electronic appliances and in the case of aggressive environmental atmosphere in workshops, industry, electronic motorcar equipment, EDP, telecommunications, aerospace and in the military sector.

Please note
Whenever possible protect contact surfaces of pin-and-socket connections with TOP-PIN also prior to using them the first time. Ins ert the extension tube into the spray button and apply a thin film on the surface. Repeat the procedure at regular intervals for a long term protection, even when the contacts are rarely plugged and unplugged or switches are nor used frequently. Electronical devices to be switched-off during cleaning and plug to be taken out. Cleaning instructions of appliance producer to be taken in to account. Further information concerning TOP-PIN to be found in recent MSDS.

Technical Data
Appearance: clear, yellowish liquid
Odor: solvent
Density aerosol at 20°C: 0,67 [g/cm3]
Corrosion protection: 4 cycles (DIN ICE 68)
Temperature resistance: 300[° C]
Electrolytic decomposition:
no fall of voltage under 60 mA

Storage / Shelf Life
Shelf life is 2 years if stored correctly.
Package after emptying to be disposed via metal scrap.

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