Cramolin Sprayflon

SPRAYFLON is a highly efficient, PTFE-based, dry film lubricant.

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Product description
SPRAYFLON is a highly efficient, PTFE-based, dryfilm lubricant. It forms a slippery, transparent film with excellent anti-stick properties on all common materials such as plastic, glass, metal or wood. SPRAYFLON is stable within a wide range of temperatures from -100°C up to +260° C. Further it is resistant to almost all chemicals, electrically insulating, and permits a clean work.

SPRAYFLON is particularly suitable for use in electrical engineering as a lubricating agent in wiring work or as a dry-film lubricant for electromechanical parts. It is also a parting compound in plastic processing and recommended as a release agent for acrylics, nylons, epoxies, polyurethanes, polypropylene, polystyrene and rubber. Also to be used whenever oil free lubrication is required. Lubrication of moving parts in electrical engineering, precision engineering, maintenance and repair work.

Please note
Shake the aerosol before use until mixing balls are free. Spray from a distance of approximately 30 cm on parts to be treated. Surfaces should be dry and free of grease and dust. Further information concerning SPRAYFLON to be found in recent MSDS.

Technical Data
Color: whitish
Odor: that of solvents
Density aerosol at 20° C: 0,72 [g/cm3]
Density film at 25° C: 2,1 [g/cm3]
Temperature range: to +250 [° C]
Friction index: 0,1 (wood/wood)
Hardness at 25° C: 0,5mm (ASTM D 1321-57T)

Storage / Shelf Life
Shelf life is 2 years if stored correctly.
Package after emptying to be disposed via metal scrap.

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