Cramolin Silicone

SILICONE contains a high-quality, thin insulatingsilicone oil with a breakdown voltage of 12 kV/mm.

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Product description
SILICONE contains a high-quality, thin insulating silicone oil with a breakdown voltage of 12 kV/mm. It forms an inert, clear film which does not dry up, is water-repellent and therefore is an excellent water and moisture buffer. SILICONE is also a good universal lubricant for plastics and rubber and is stable within a wide temperature range from -50° C up to +200° C. Furthermore it is non-toxic, non-staining and does not attack any engineering material.

To avoid spark discharge in high voltage transformers, on tube bases, etc. SILICONE eliminates reliably the creepage currents and corona effects, prevents shortcuts and insulates. It prevents sticking and is an excellent separating, mould release and wire pulling agent. The thin invisible film lubricates plastic bearings, drives, gear and rubber.

Please note
Spray SILICONE on the whole surface area of the parts to be treated. For accurate work use the attached extension tube. Warning: Do not use SILICONE on components under voltage. Prior to switching on the appliances, allow solvents to evaporate. Electronical devices to be switched-off during cleaning and plug to be taken out. Cleaning instructions of appliance producer to be taken into account. Further information concerning SILICONE to be found in recent MSDS.

Technical Data
Appearance: clear, colorless liquid
Odor: typical mild
Density aerosol at 25°C: 0,97[g/cm3]
Viscosity film at 25°C: 1000 [mm2/s]
Temperature resistance: -50 to +200 [° C]
Thermal conductivity: 0,16 [W/m K]
Dielectric strength at 20° C: 12 [kV/mm]
Dielectric constant at 25° C: 2,8(0,5 - 100 kHz)
Compatibility of materials: very good

Storage / Shelf Life
Shelf life is 2 years if stored correctly.
Package after emptying to be disposed via metal scrap.

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