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The Texpen Textile Marker, a smaller version of our Textile Dalo®, provides a bright, sharp, rapid-drying permanent mark on synthetic and synthetic/cotton blended fabrics.

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Steel Ball Tip Paint Marker.

  • Paint marker that writes on almost any fabric type.
  • Effective for permanent identification of textiles.
  • Resists all modern textile processes- scouring, dyeing, laundry/dry cleaning, bleaching, finishing, boil off, and wool fulling.
  • Also available in smooth-gliding nylon tip that is lint-repellent, gives better writing performance.
  • Makes bright, sharp, rapid drying marks on all fabrics-cotton, wool, silk, and all synthetics.
  • Perfect for use in textile labs for marking swatches.
  • Ergonomically correct marker enables you to mark at all angles, even upside down.
  • Markers can be used to permanently identify inventory, work in progress or finished products while resisting most textile processes.
  • Rigid, non-collapsible marker tube is rugged, unbreakable heavy duty aluminum body with large paint capacity.
  • Paint flow is controlled by the pressure bulb at the end of the barrel.
  • Available in Fine tips size.

Physical properties:
Appearance: Varies
Odor: Pungent
Specific gravity: >1
VOC level: <50% by weight
Flash point: 31°F
Dry Time*: 2-3 minutes
* Note: Drying time may vary depending on film thickness.

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