Dykem UV Marker


UV Marker goes on invisible but illuminates blue under a black light.

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Marks are Only Visible Under UV Light.

  • Makes permanent clear marks on virtually any surface including plastic, metal and more.
  • Marks are invisible but illuminate / fluorescence blue under UV light aka black light.
  • Light absorption λ = 375 nm.
  • Light fluorescent λ = 435 nm.
  • Marks can be seen by most UV luminescence sensors.
  • Excellent for quality control processes, tamper evidence, tagging, ownership, anti-counterfeiting and much more.
  • Valve action mechanism prevents paint in barrel from drying when the cap is left off.
  • Heavy duty aluminum body with large paint capacity.
  • Bullet tips are replaceable to assure complete use of paint in each marker.
  • Removable with Dykem® Remover&Prep.

Physical properties
Appearance: Clear
Odor: Aromatic
Specific gravity: <1
VOC level: 90% by weight
Flash point: 108°F
Dry Time*: 25-30 seconds

* Note: Drying time may vary depending on film

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